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Identix Coffee was born in 2020 when a group of visionary coffee enthusiasts came Irma Susanti with a inovation of premium coffee to provide coffee lovers with an extraordinary experience. Our journey began in a small, cozy café in the heart of Semarang. The inception of Identix Coffee marked the beginning of an extraordinary odyssey. Irma Susanti and her team embarked on a journey to discover the finest coffee beans from the world’s most renowned coffee regions. They understood that the quality of beans was the heart of a great cup of coffee.

In the early years

Indonesian premium coffee

careful attention was paid to the coffee bean selection process, with each batch made to perfection. Identix Coffee aims to present a unique taste and aroma that will become the characteristic of Identix coffee-style coffee drink mixtures.



the Beginning
the beginning of the selection of coffee beans that will be used as part of the Identix Coffee product as well as introducing premium coffee products to consumers through online and offline marketing.


Global Market
In 2021, Identix Coffee will start introducing its coffee products to foreign countries such as Korea. Purchases made online and shipped to certain countries


Opening Cafe
Innovative products are always appearing, so a cafe shop has been opened for coffee lovers who want to enjoy drinking coffee. Plus the cafe atmosphere is cool and comfortable


Market Expansion
To reach a wider market, Identix Coffee opened various coffee branches near universities such as Unnes and Undip, targeting the student market who like elegant coffee hangouts.


cafe shop expansion
Today Identix Coffee is expanding its cafe shop in several cities such as Jakarta and Yogyakarta, so stay tuned

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